Over the past few months the Adapt2 development team lead by Vice President of Product Strategy, Kevin Dunlap and Development Manager, Michael Dupeire have been working towards adding New Brunswick System Opera tor (NBSO). NBSO Serves the north eastern region of North America. Client Emera Energy’s Marketing Desk Manager shared the following milestones:

We successfully submitted an External Transaction schedule directly into ISONE and NBSO using Bid Accelerator. This completes a vision that started for us two and a half years ago. During that time we have repeatedly challenged Adapt2 to tailor their product to our needs, expanding their software to include the NBSO (in which there are limited participants) is yet another feather in their cap. I wanted to thank all involved especially Michael Dupeire who has always exhibited a high level of professionalism and expertise. -Drew Turner, Emera Energy

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