Adapt2 ISO is pleased to announce that over the past 6 years, Adapt2 has retained all customers during their rapid growth. It is important for Adapt2 as an energy software provider to maintain all clients for the benefit of their existing and new user community.

Customer support is a key focus of Adapt2’s corporate culture. Without a dedicated sales team, we rely on our clients to provide feedback to their trading partners about our superior service and cutting edge technology. Our clients are in constant communication with asset managers, power traders, and generation owners; top notch service will resonate among the complete cycle. Our commitment to clients and successful delivery is what we rely on to continue to achieve success and grow. There is no room for inefficiencies for new market participant entry into the dynamic deregulated power markets. This concept enables Adapt2 to deliver a complete and feature rich solution for generators, top tier power marketers, retailers, asset managers and industrials without the mutli-vendor over complex implementations that the energy industry has historically experienced. Adapt2’s culture and technology is what separates our clients from others that participate in the deregulated power markets. Outdated methods of software delivery, implementation, and support will continue to exist at other firms, and Adapt2 clients will have the advantage over other participants inefficiencies.

says Kevin Dunlap, VP of Product Strategy.

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