The Adapt2 Market Intelligence team is made up of seasoned industry professionals with over 50 years combined experience working in deregulated energy markets.

In order to maintain the high standard established by the Adapt2 ISO product, our Market Intelligence Team stays engaged with the North American power markets, FERC, NERC, and has recently began monitoring international power markets. Actively following the power industry allows the Adapt2 product development, client services, and delivery teams to be responsive to any changes. This ensures our customers are prepared in advance without any disruptions.



The Adapt2 Market Intelligence team does not solely serve existing Adapt2 ISO clients. We also support any client requiring power market expertise, including:

  • Growing your business in ISO/RTO markets that you are currently operating in
  • Expanding your operations into new ISOs/RTOs
  • Facilitating the process for business or portfolio acquisition
  • Understanding the impacts of market changes on your organization
  • Comprehending Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) regulation and reporting standards (EQR)
  • “Adapt2 serves as the eyes and ears of the energy markets”
    – Chet White, Manager of Power Markets Operations, Invenergy