Adapt2 for Utilities

In general, Utilities have the highest need for reliability and security with any solution provider. The Adapt2 platform enables availability and reliability with advanced technologies to minimize any downtime and provide a high degree of security for all of our customers.


PPL Electric Utilities serves over 1.4 million customers in 29 counties in Pennsylvania. PPL chose to implement Adapt2 B2B for market connectivity and back office functionality to improve efficiency and provide greater business transparency. PPL utilizes Adapt2 ISO to validate meters, shadow ISO settlements, and reconcile market invoices, resulting in improvements to their bottom line.

Why Adapt2:

In 2015, PPL’s goal was to find the best solution that provided reliable results in a secure environment within a reasonable budget. Their legacy system was outdated and required significant manual effort to update and maintain. Once PPL partnered with Adapt2, a fully functional implementation was completed in less than six months. The system met the expectations of the PPL team and is currently being utilized by the Energy Procurement, Settlements, and Scheduling teams.

Adapt2 B2B provides enhanced capability while helping PPL reduce the amount of manual effort by 90%. Complex data analysis is much easier, and the data upload processes are faster, which is particularly important given the volume of data. In addition, the Adapt2 ISO user interface is intuitive and efficient, enabling PPL to quickly review different data sources, compare results, and adjust as needed.

With Adapt2 B2B architecture, PPL can update any aspect of their environment and not impact the other components providing a high availability environment.  It is important for PPL to provide reliable and repeatable calculations when reporting from Adapt2’s Energy Accounting applications.

Adapt2 Utility News:

Xcel Energy Adapt2

Xcel Energy Selects Adapt2 solutions’ Multi-Market Operations Platform for Western Energy Imbalance (WEIM) Expansion

Adapt2 will combine technological innovation with Xcel Energy’s energy industry innovation to transform market operations in MISO and SPP while expanding into CAISO Western EIM

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AEP Transform Back Office ISO Operations, Selects Adapt2 Solutions to Streamline and Enhance ISO Settlements and Allocations

AEP enhances ISO operations, improves performance and leads the energy transition with Adapt2’s modernized settlement solution.

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National Grid Implements Adapt2 Bid-to-Bill for Multi-Market Operations

Complex contract management and settlements solved at National Grid for ISONE and NYISO markets.

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Adapt2 Solutions, Exelon Corporation Partner to Modernize Back Office System

Exelon  streamlines back office operations across multiple ISO markets.

Adapt2 Utility Featured Case Study

Invenergy Case Study

Empire District Electric, a Liberty Utilities Company, is an investor-owned utility providing electric, natural gas, and water service to approximately 218,000 customers in Missouri, Kansas, Oklahoma, and Arkansas. As one of the eleven regional utilities responsible for forming the SPP market, Empire District Electric has been at the forefront of innovative thinking for decades and is a leader in ISO/RTO operations. In 2017 Empire District Electric embarked on the digital transformation journey. Part of this project included modernizing their power trading and settlements integrations tools for the SPP market. Empire District selected Adapt2 Solutions to replace their legacy system for full SPP bid-to-bill operations.

“Having an easy to use, custom P&L saves at least 2 hours a day. It also ensures that an hourly P&L is generated for every day — maximizing opportunities for asset optimization.”

Director of Asset Management 
Director of Asset Management

“Looking to the future, it is critical for us to differentiate our business with product innovation and diversification. Ease of use and a repository of all of our data that we can quickly access in real-time were key factors in our decision to work with Adapt2 Solutions. We look forward to growing our business with technology solutions that can scale as rapidly as our business strategy necessitates.”

Director of Wholesale Operations 
Director of Wholesale Operations

“With utilities increasingly seeking cleaner energy alternatives, our business requires different market structures to meet the needs of our diverse customers. To significantly expand into new markets, we need a technology-forward partner with smart solutions who understands quick market changes and can respond even faster. That’s where Adapt2 comes in.”

Energy Applications and Services Manager 
Energy Applications and Services Manager

“AES is a leader in clean energy, and with the expansion of our new smart operations center to include even more renewable assets, we had to en-sure we had the right people, processes, and technology in place. During the selection process, Adapt2 not only met but exceeded all our ISO operation and technology expectations. We need to adopt and integrate the best technology available to properly scale our global operation initiatives. Adapt2 Solutions was the clear choice to achieve that goal.”

Manager Market Operations 
Manager Market Operations


Trusted Energy Market Solutions Partner.



Adapt2 Solutions is honored to be featured in Entrepreneur 360's Best Companies in America, Inc 5000 fastest-growing Texas-based private companies, AI Breakthrough's Best Solution for Big Data, Business Intelligence Group's AI Excellence Award, and the Financial Times Fastest Growing Companies for 2021. We are proud and committed to continue our journey as a leader in the industry for energy market solutions.


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