Adapt2 for Generators

Managing the complexity of physical generation in markets is what Adapt2 does best with comprehensive Front Office, Back Office, and Plant interfacing capability that streamlines and optimizes market operations.

Vistra operates power generation facilities in eight Midwest, Northeast, and West Coast states. Its ISO-NE, NYISO, MISO, ERCOT, and PJM generation portfolio includes over 42,000 megawatts across over 50 plants and heir retail arm serves over ten million customers. They needed a single platform that allowed them to be more effective as they continued to grow and scale.  

In 2015, Vistra and Adapt2 formed a strategic partnership to help Vistra improve its Front-Office asset management operations, real-time dispatch, plant management, and back-office settlements.

Why Adapt2:

In the past, Vistra used disparate software systems and excel spreadsheets for their power trading, scheduling, and settlements operations. The legacy software did not efficiently retrieve the information required to generate accurate hourly P&L, and the spreadsheets required significant manual effort. Vistra needed a single system which could integrate daily market offer variables into their P&L. Furthermore, they needed a reliable system that provided visibility into the underlying calculations. The inputs necessary for an accurate hourly P&L can change daily with challenges aggregating them into a common platform.

The configuration and data management options within Adapt2 B2B allowed Vistra to create a custom P&L using their own calculations within a week. This is exactly what Vistra needed – an hourly P&L that tracks Vistra’s asset performance, allowing them to see lost opportunities due to poor asset performance, outages, and dispatch. This data formed the basis for asset optimization opportunities. They are also able to give near-real-time feedback to plant operations, allowing them to understand the incremental value of efficient equipment servicing as well as estimated profits due to timely maintenance efforts. Adapt2 continues to collaborate with clients like Vistra to expand our application functionality.

“Having an easy to use, custom P&L saves at least 2 hours a day. It also ensures that an hourly P&L is generated for every day — maximizing opportunities for asset optimization.”

Director of Asset Management


Trusted Energy Market Solutions Partner.



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