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The energy and asset management business can be characterized by unique contract origination and rapid onboarding and offboarding of generation assets in all markets. Adapt2 is uniquely positioned to work with Asset Managers by providing a flexible platform to handle complex contracts, energy trading, energy tagging, and rapidly activate new markets to grow with our asset manager customers.

Adapt2 currently supports leading asset management entities in all North American energy markets.

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In 2015, Twin Eagle selected Adapt2 B2B to support their Front-Office ERCOT operations. This was the beginning of a successful partnership between Adapt2 and Twin Eagle. In 2017, Twin Eagle chose to expand its solution into the PJM market in order to increase scalability and efficiency in day-ahead and real-time operations. Today, Twin Eagle has scaled their operations into all North American ISOs with Adapt2.

Twin Eagle provides wholesale energy and midstream services for gas, power, and environmental products throughout North America. Twin Eagle was founded in 2010 and has since grown to more than 400 energy professionals, all committed to serving clients with a customer-driven focus and cross-commodity approach.

Twin Eagle has over 9,000 MWs under management and offers a comprehensive suite of services to meet the needs of electric load and generation customers.

Why Adapt2:

The choice to implement Adapt2 over other competitors was easy, per Real-Time Operations Manager Sage Walker. “The Adapt2 platform has a proven track record of success. We found them to be at the pinnacle of the industry for evolving as the energy markets change, with continuous enhancements for ease of use as well as easily consumable market information, submission tools, and displays.” Twin Eagle evaluated other front-office options, but the success of the ERCOT integration project and strong relationships with the Adapt2 team led to the decision that Twin Eagle wanted to expand their partnership into PJM, and eventually all North American markets as well.

Twin Eagle and most asset managers have a continuous change in their assets that are under management. This change and need to rapidly onboard assets and even activate new markets has been successful at Twin Eagle with the Adapt2 B2B solution.

Implementation, testing, and training were completed in under six weeks with functionality that exceeded expectations. The Front-Office day-ahead asset management and real-time teams reap the benefits of increased automation, customized tools, improved functionality for bidding, and enhanced features for consuming and communicating timely market information to decision makers.

Adapt2 for Asset Management News

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Leading International Energy Company, Uniper Advances North American Growth with Adapt2 Solutions

Uniper implements Adapt2 to accelerate US market operations, further bilateral trade management, and expand its energy management portfolio.

Twin Eagle was able to increase assets under management in 2017 by 33%, and maintain the highest level of execution in part through the partnership with Adapt2. Having a partner that is nimble, able to add functionality, enhancements, and provide timely solutions is integral in our ability to grow our business and improve our performance at the same time.

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Adapt2 Solutions is honored to be featured in Entrepreneur 360's Best Companies in America, Inc 5000 fastest-growing Texas-based private companies, AI Breakthrough's Best Solution for Big Data, Business Intelligence Group's AI Excellence Award, and the Financial Times Fastest Growing Companies for 2021. We are proud and committed to continue our journey as a leader in the industry for energy market solutions.


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