Adapt2 Solutions prides itself on delivering results by employing the best people and the best technology for the benefit of our clients. Our clients have direct access to highly trained Analysts who diagnose issues in the customer environment. Our support personnel will work closely with our Software Engineers to find solutions to any technical challenges in a timely manner.

Support Information:


At Adapt2, we are dedicated to maintaining strong strategic partnerships with our customers beyond the initial implementation. Collaboration drives us to help our customers reach new business goals. Clients have an opportunity to provide input and vote for enhancements to expedite the availability of new functionality in a future software release.


Our Open-Source technology allows us to prioritize urgent items, track progress, and assess future improvements in order to ensure that clients utilize the most efficient solution on the market.

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Our standard client support service offers user documentation, ISO market updates, and error corrections as well as functionality enhancements and modifications. Hosting and Managed Services provides a more comprehensive level of support services. Click here to compare the different support tiers.

Support hours are from 8am – 6pm CST,
Monday through Friday, except Adapt2-recognized holidays.

Extended support is available 24/7


The Client Portal is a powerful way to expand the Adapt2 ISO user experience beyond the application, and it’s as easy to use as email. It is a self-service customer portal that provides on-demand application insight. Clients can easily manage all updates and additions made to the software as part of each release. Users can review a repository of past and future Market Changes to help plan and prioritize upgrades. Clients have the ability to log-in anytime to submit new incidents and enhancement requests as well as check the status of open support tickets.


The support team at Adapt2 is very hands on and available anytime we have needed them. We appreciate their timely communication and dedication to our business. It is great working with a company that doesn’t make you feel lost in the shuffle.
-Chet White, Invenergy