Leaders in Energy Market Operations

Our Awesome Team

Keeping up with the dynamics and complexities of the energy industry takes a unique combination of experience, innovation, and pursuit in being proactive.

The Adapt2 leadership team is comprised of highly educated and experienced technology and energy industry aficionados with a range of backgrounds that are best equipped to meet our client’s needs.

The team at Adapt2 has partnered with our clients to implement streamlined, intelligent, and automated energy market solutions in all North-American ISOs.

We are committed to providing the most technologically advanced, easy to use, and customer-centric solutions for energy market participants.

Francisco Diaz

President and Founder

Jason Kram

Executive Vice President

David Nilsson

Senior Vice President

Kevin Dunlap

Vice President of Product Strategy

Meipo Ho

Vice President of Operations

Emmanuel Gonzalez

Senior Solution Service Director

Rebecca Perot-Tripp

Senior Director of Human Resources

Ross Nichols

Market Intelligence Director

Carla Hartman

Director of Marketing

Will Johnson

Senior Manager, Product