Adapt2 Solutions

Adapt2 Solutions was started in 2008 by Francisco Diaz with the intent of being the only solution provider enabling all market connectivity through a single platform.  From this beginning, “adapting to” market changes and being an “ISO First” software provider became the foundation of who Adapt2 is today.

Although Adapt2 continues to focus on keeping customers current with market systems and market intelligence, in 2016 the company evolved its core platform with the latest technologies. By introducing a big data lake and artificial intelligence, Adapt2 now keeps customers current with technology enabling a high degree of analytical and automation capabilities. 

In 2017, Adapt2 released Adapt2 T2T to manage the power scheduling process and connect power trades to tagging.  This further automated trading within ISOs and across bilateral markets. In 2019, Adapt2 released Adapt2 Green to enable efficient management of the rapid growth and operations of renewable energy in customer portfolios.

With over 120 market implementations, Adapt2 leads the industry in production systems in all North American markets.  

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