SPP Market Settlements Release 2.13

SPP will be putting a market participant impacting release into effect on April 26, 2018. The following items are contained in MSS Release 2.13:

  • MCR Configuration Identification
  • Enhancements to member-facing Settlements UI to present meaningful message when user does not have
    appropriate role assigned to certificate
  • Meter Data UI
  • Notification UI
  • Settlements Reports UI
  • Mitigated Energy Offer for Regulation Deployment Adjustment Settlements
  • Design Change for BSS and OCL Distribution
  • Formula Correction related to RR200 Calculations
  • FERC Formatted EQR reporting Begin Date, End Date, and Trade Date for Operating Date
  • FERC Formatted EQR reporting date/time fields changed from GMT to CPT
  • NYISO introduces more granularity to EQR Reports

    In support of FERC’s updated filing requirements, NYISO will introduce additional data granularity into two EQR reports in DSS:

    •FERC EQR Transaction File

    • FERC EQR Transaction File – Bilateral Contracts

    Within these reports, the following changes will occur:

    • Transactions that are settled on a sub-hourly basis, such as 5-minute increments, will now be reported using the relevant designations in the transaction data section of the EQR, replacing the data previously aggregated to the “hourly” and “daily” increment

    • Settlement data that is currently only settled at the hourly, daily, and monthly increment shall continue to be reported at the hourly, daily, and monthly level.

    Adapt2 SPP / Mountain West Workshop

    Last week Adapt2 Solutions sponsored a day long workshop in Denver for SPP and Mountain West Market Participants. The workshop was well attended with over 80 energy industry professionals from 20 different companies.

    Speakers included:

  • Carl Monroe – Chief Operation Officer of SPP
  • Aaron Doll – Associate Director of Electric Procurement at Empire District Electric
  • Josh Tupper – Manager of Market Operatations at Empire District Electric
  • Brad Parker – Senior Business Analyst at Empire District Electric
  • Kristy Tackett – Senior Accounting Analyst at Empire District Electric
  • David Dorn – Energy Trading Systems Manager at Invenergy
  • Carrie Simpson – Senior Manager of Market Operations at Xcel Energy

  • Attendees were given a chance to network and share best practices and how to overcome challenges in the SPP marketplace.

    Key Topics

  • SPP Day in the Life Market Operations
  • Front Office: Bids, Offers, Awards, and Analytics
  • Back Office: Settlements, Shadow Settlements, Meter Data Management, and Energy Accounting
  • TCR Analysis
  • System Interfaces
  • Adapt2 Demonstrations
  • Lessons Learned from Bid to Bill Implementations
  • Mountain West Initiative Update
  • SPP Mountain West Readiness Planning
  • This workshop provided the opportunity for making connections within the marketplace, market participants and vendors. Relationships and contacts are key when questions or needs arise. This setting was ideal for that. Thank you.”

    September 10 – 14 2018, Adapt2 will be hosting their annual customer conference. This is open by invitation only to energy market participants and will be a more in depth view of not only SPP operations but all North American market operations and best practices.

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